Top 3 Things to Do in Venice

Venice was something I felt like I absolutely had to do when visiting Italy.  It wasn’t exactly close to Rome and Florence, but it wasn’t that far either.  By train it took about 2 hours, and we decided to make it a day trip-arriving about 10 am, and leaving by 6 pm.  It was the perfect amount of time, and all the research I did recommended no more than a day in Venice, especially if you have a short timeline in Italy.  I would recommend a day trip to anyone interested in going, Venice is magical!

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1)Get Lost Exploring the Alleys and Bridges

Venice, or Venezia, has been ranked the most beautiful city in the world, as of 2016.  Venice consists of 118 small islands that are connected by small bridges in the shallow Venetian Lagoon.  The city is also listed as a World Heritage Site but is often threatened by floods and has been sinking at a constant rate.  Because of the different islands, it was so fun to just wander around and see the different types of architecture in the houses and bridges alike.  Venice was like a beautiful dream to me, it didn’t seem real.  There are many tourists and citizens alike, but you could be by yourself alley after alley until you run into someone.  I loved this!  Although we did not fork out the €100 for a gondola ride, we enjoyed watching the men in their striped shirts, often with guests playing guitar or the accordion.


2)Admire Piazza San Marco

St. Mark’s Plaza is the principal square in Venice, which encompasses the church of St. Mark, the Campanile and the Doge Palace. An extension of the Piazza is towards the lagoon often referred to as the Piazzetta.  Just like many other Italian Plaza’s, this one is lined with cafes, and shops and pedestrians.  Although the square was very busy, we had to just stand and take a while to look around.  The detailed marble on Basilica San Marco was incredible, filled with life-sized statues and amazing arches.  There is something to be said for Italy’s churches—they are amazing!  So ornate, I could stand there all day looking at the details of it.



3)Stroll Through Ponte Rialto over the Grand Canal

The Ponte Rialto, or Rialto Bridge, is one of four bridges that cross the Grand Canal.  It is the oldest bridge and once divided the districts of San Marco and San Polo.  (Marco, Polo!).   The bridge is made of stone and was completed in 1591 with two inclined ramps with rows of shops, and is renowned as an architectural and engineering masterpiece of the Renaissance era, making it one of the top tourist attractions in Venice.  It isn’t hard to find, as it was packed with people and selfie sticks, so of course we joined in!  There’s just something so mesmerizing about all these beautiful pedestrian bridges and the canals.  I love the idea of having no cars, but making your way either by foot or by boat.


What else was worth while doing in Venice?  Eating gelato and drinking a spritz!


What was your favorite thing to do in Venice?

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