This Week’s Travel Inspiration: Mykonos by Fleet Foxes

Each week, I’ll be recommending a movie, t.v. show, book, or song, to help you feel inspired to travel! 

This week’s travel inspiration is brought to you by the song, Mykonos by Fleet Foxes.

  • Genre: Indie/Folk
  • Why it inspires me: First off, I would love to go to Greece. This song talks about the beautiful beaches and ocean seen from the island.  It also talks about going and exploring on your own, but not forgetting that you can meet friends in your journeys.  Although sometimes unlikely friends, when traveling we have the opportunity to connect with others who we never would have had the chance to meet.
  • Notable lyrics:
    • And you will go to Mykonos
      With a vision of a gentle coast
    • Brother, you don’t need to turn me away
      I was waiting down at the ancient gate
      You go wherever you go today
      You go today
    • When out walking, brother, don’t you forget
      It ain’t often that you’ll ever find a friend


To view video in new window, click here

What did you think of the song?  Do you like it?  Does it remind you of meeting people while you travel?  Tell me about it by commenting below!


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