This Week’s Travel Inspiration: Cabin by the Sea by the Dirty Heads

Each week, I’ll be recommending a movie, t.v. show, book, or song, to help you feel inspired to travel!

This week’s travel inspiration is brought to you by the song, Cabin by the Sea by the Dirty Heads.

  • Genre: Reggae


  • Why it inspires me:
    • I like this song because the music makes you want to sway around as you imagine yourself bumming around the beach.  The Dirty Heads sing about how beautiful every day is and how happy everyone is.  There are no problems and people can all come together and enjoy the beautiful scenery.  It’s about living for today and enjoying this life, because tomorrow is an unknown day, but you’ll always be able to look back at the memories you made today, at the beach. Between sand castles, riding the waves, and drinks, I am not sure that I’ve ever had a bad time at the beach!
  • Notable lyrics:
    • Well come with me to a place by the sea
    • And if you wish you can stay, as long as you please
      Just lend a helping hand up at our cabin by the sea
      Where every day is beautiful, the sun, the sand, the breeze
      And everybody lives together here in harmony
    • What the photograph don’t show, is where we’re headed tomorrow
      And when we have to go, we’ll always be together in the black and white photo.


  • Embed:


To open video in a new window, click here.

What did you think of the song?  Do you like it?  Does it remind you of enjoying the beautiful day at the beach?  Tell me about it by commenting below!


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